Monday, August 11, 2008

Camp Pluckyfluff Recap

I went to Camp Pluckyfluff LA in July. Wowwee wow wow! What a fun time I had. It was so great to be among spinners and have Lexi of teach innovative spinning techniques as well as share her ideas about handspun yarn as art. I got her to sign my copy of Intertwined. Its such an inspirational book!

Lexi at her wheel, and demonstrating tailspinning.

The table of fiber goodies to share. There were some weird and unusual fibers in this pile of treasure!

Our yarns from the weekend! Here are mine:

These were made by Jennifer:

These were made by Juliblue:

I think Lexi's perspective is super refreshing. A couple of points I remember - when she was a beginner and made "mistakes," she asked herself, well, how do I recreate and exagerrate that so it becomes a design feature? (I paraphrased.) I love how she considers handspun yarn as an end in itself. It is sometimes pesky when people (who don't understand!) ask, "Well, what can you make with it?" Well, it just IS. It's beautiful, it's weird, and that's enough.

If you want to hear or read interviews with Lexi, there are several online. You can look up craftsanity (podcast) and studioloo (online magazine).

Want more photos? Go to my flickr account. I'm evonnewee or craftypeapod.

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Anonymous said...

The yarn you made looks awesome. I enjoyed reading this post because I've been thinking the same thing about handspun yarn - I like it for what it is, I very often like it better in yarn form then I do when its knit into something. Ive been trying to think of cool ways to use handspun yarn besides knitting/crocheting/weaving - but it hasnt come to me yet!