Monday, December 1, 2008

Spinning from the Lock, again

I got a new fleece! It's a border leicester X. This one is less curly and more lustrous than the last border leicester X fleece I got. I promptly washed it, dyed it and tried spinning from the lock. So fun! I love spinning so much, it's kind of a crazy experiment to see where all the colors end up and it is not easy to predict what the final outcome will be.

Washed and dyed fleece.

Teased. I simply pulled it apart by hand. Here is the teased wool on my windowsill. You can see how it looks like a puffy cloud, pretty translucent.

And here it is all spun up. It has a slightly fuzzy surface, since the fibers were spun from the lock, and not combed or carded. I sometimes like this more "rustic" looking yarn.

If you're a spinner, I hope you'll try this technique. It's fun, easy and gives you another option to add to your repertoire.