Monday, October 20, 2008

Spinning from the Lock

I love love love sheep fleece and locks. They feel so sheepy to me, know what I mean? (as opposed to commercial yarn)

This was an experiment in spinning from the uncarded lock. This was dyed BFL border leicester X. I simply pulled the locks apart by hand a little - kind of like predrafting. I separated the locks out by color group too, since I prefer to see the distinct colors, rather than have it blended throughout. Then I spun up the puffy clouds.

The resulting yarn is more textured than what you would get from roving or a carded batt. In one or two places, there is even a tiny curl visible, escaping from the surface of the spun yarn.

Here are some pictures of a sweater I completed a while ago. Maybe a year? I spun the yarn from the lock as well, in this case, Cormo wool locks. It's very lumpity-bumpity, handmade looking, in a good way. The cormo wool is soft, next-to-skin soft, with nice bounce and crimp. Love!


The Hatdiva said...

That's a super cute sweater!

Anonymous said...

I really adore that yarn. The colors are super. Spinning that way does make an interesting yarn. Sometimes I can't get it to stay together, other times it's a great success.

Beautiful work!!