Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Comic Con - San Diego - July 25

Have you ever been to Comic Con? It is quite an experience. I am not really a huge comic fan, but I love the carnival atmosphere with all the fans and fanatics dressed up. It's also a gathering of artists of every stripe. And you get free schwag!

Here's someone who knitted her whole Wonder Woman outfit! You can buy this pattern on etsy and knit one for yourself! You know you wanna!

And here is Rocket Boy. Who?? I don't know who he is either, but he was cute in his tight outfit. Check out his abs! I don't know why his friend is trying to strangle me. I didn't do anything to him/it.

The rest of the weekend was lovely. I relaxed at Joanna's house. Here is her family's new puppy, Dudley, eyeing my pig's ear pastry from Han's and Harry's. I don't blame him.

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