Monday, September 8, 2008

My Batt Children

I make and sell batts through my etsy store. I feel so lucky that talented spinners and felters buy my batts. Some of you have sent me pictures of your creations, which I greatly appreciate. I sometimes get the feeling - I want to buy back that yarn that the artist made from my batts! I think it is all a mad alchemy - you don't know how the batts will look spun up. And I bet it would different at the hands of different spinners too! Thick, thin, plied, curlycued ... the same batt would become a different creature in a different set of hands!

As a batt artist, I feel like the batts are my children, well, my creations anyhow. I am happy to see them populating the world, as productive citizens of the fiber comunity. Sniff.

Here's what Sarah Sutherland made:

and Sarah's write up of her process:

I will post more pictures of yarns made from my batts soon. If you are impatient, (like I am) you can go to the top of my etsy page and find links to other yarns (my grandchildren).

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